Website Making Guidelines

This is a basic Clients Guide points that How you can make a proper website. Below is a step by step processor about making a perfect business website for commercial purpose. After all you will have to believe that for making website you will need a plan, vision, and a strong purpose. To make website you will need some amount of money. Because you will have to buy hosting, domain or some image from image gallery. Now take a look at the below points. It will tell you the deep idea how the website actually designed by mind to real.

Get a Domain for website :

you will need to Choose a Domain Name for Your Website (you can use your Company or organization name)

Let’s take an example: Is it available? First of all you will have to check for site name availability at If .com is taken by some company, then try another TLD name like .in, .org,, .net etc. There are so many options for TLD you can use.

Laying out your Website: Now start thinking and imagining about the design and Decide your Menu links, in what sequence they should be in or you will need. For ex. Company Services, about us, Products page, Contact us.

Think and imagine of your Website look and design:

Before imagine any look or design of your website take references of your competitor’s website. Now it’s time to visual your website design. Keep the idea of your business in mind that which type of your business is. Visualize the websites that you like, and think of the background color or image, colors for the menu at the top bar links. Also always take a look various layouts and design of the website.

Now choose Photos and Images for the Website:

If you are planning to build website for business, product selling or service providing purpose then you will need to choose images as according that. Always chose images that are very clear to your business and products. There are many free website which provide images.

Styling Fonts for website:

There are so many types of fonts on the Internet, but not all of them are web friendly so you will need to use Google font you can go to Google font website. Use most common fonts for paragraph and headings. If you like fancy fonts then you can try it. But keep in mind that which type of your business is actually.

Writing content for your Website:

Never copy and paste content from other websites though it is free content provider. Make content at least 350 letters and short 2 or 3 paragraphs; visitors don’t like reading many paragraphs. Try to make your content as unique as possible.

Now it’s done from your side now find a Website Designer for website. :

There are some things you must know before finding a web designer for your website. First of all always look at the web designer’s portfolio. If you are starting new website for business then take a look at portfolio (click here for portfolio . you can also read our quotations (Click here for Quotation page )