Client Guidelines for website

If you are ready to make website for your business or organization then you must know what you will need. as u know website is the first impression of your services. so as much detailed and clear accurate information you will provide to us that much your website will influence the audience. below are some basic tips of making content for online market. take a look at that study and make unique data for your website.

Text Content for Website :

  1. Make a soft copy of text content saved in Microsoft Word “.docx” file format.
  2. Your content for website in other format like text on image file, excel file, any other non editable file will not be acceptable.
  3. If you are not capable in writing your company text then you must tell us that so we can add that service in our quotation.
  4. Categorizing website content is also necessary. Point wise detailed information about product or service will help us or your customer to know better what you are providing.
  5. So be specific in about us content service and product content.

Company Logo, Photos for website :

  1. For website resolution we need All images in high resolution saved in .jpg, .jpeg or .png formats.
  2. If you are making zip file for all photos, then make sure you have labeled appropriately to all images. (E.g. logo.jpeg, logo.png, services3.jpg, product1.jpg, etc.)
  3. Always give us suggestion in comments for placements of all photos on pages with page’s name to be mentioned clearly. So our designer come to know what you are planning to show where.
  4. You know your business better than us so you will need to provide All logos / images / pictures / maps and other necessary things.
  5. We always make new banner and designs for your website. But somehow If you want other necessary images you can buy that from the stock image websites.

Layout & Colors

  1. If you decided any website Layout, fonts or colors then you must clearly informed to us before working any work.
  2. You can also Send other website for reference like competitor’s website.

Most Important :

  1. Never copy any text content from any other websites.
  2. We can not use their photos or any media because it might be copyrighted.
  3. Always create unique content for your website it is preferred by Google.
  4. Last tip : finalize your media and content before giving us for project.